Friendly Staff


Walter B. Sommer

Donald G. Sommer

Howard Gleason
General Sales Manager
Jeff Romeis
Used Vehicle Manager
Tony Tretter
Buick GMC Sales Manager

Patrick Esser
Used GM Sales Manager  

Service Department
     Andy Johnson                                                                                                                                                                        Gary Mortag
  Service Director                                                                                                                                                                       Email me!

           Sarah Ferguson              Mark Fries                     Josh Sawyer                   Gary Guth                  
            Email me!                               Email me!                               Email me!                          Email me!                             Email me!   

Customer Care Center/Internet Department

  Andrea Gehring                               Jessica Heimerl             Melissa Bemis                            
  Internet Sales Manager                                                           


New and Pre-Owned Vehicle Specialists

    Jeremy Stilb              Grant Sommer
          Guest Assistant                                                                                         Marketing and Sales                                                                                                                     

   Adam Driewer           Josh Conell
          Guest Assistant                                                                              Guest Assistant                                                                       

  George Katsafanas       Joe Vella
        Guest Assistant                                                                                                Guest Assistant                                                                      

    Omar Soulimani            Stu Zak
           Guest Assistant                                                                                            Guest Assistant                                                                    

   Gordy Butt                     Joe Natoli
        Guest Assistant                                                                                                 Guest Assistant                                                                                  

   Josh Prununske           Mark Krueger      
          Guest Assistant                                                                                             Guest Assistant                                                                 

     Lance Wright            Alex Higgs
        Guest Assistant                                                                                            Guest Assistant                                                       

    Don Ciardo             James Kossow
         Guest Assistant                                                                                  Guest Assistant                                                           

    Dan Anderson             Seth Duhnke
     Guest Assistant                                                                                         Guest Assistant                                                           
Business Department
          Chad Ciardo                 Michael Christiano           John Welke                     Rod Weber                    Keegan Rafferty